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WOW this week has been very busy for me. All i have to say is that my Unit is very active when shit goes down in this state. Last well i got called at 0300(3am) three times to go to my unit for QRF(quick Reaction Force). Wed i have to go to the baseball feild for a drill on what to do if anthrax was found in the area. That was fun..All dressed up in my chemical suit wich addes about 10-15 deg to the temp when it was about 75. Then on Thurs i had to go to metro airport for an drill on a terr cell claiming that they where going to shoot down planes. i was at the air port from about 0800(8am) till about 1644(4:45pm). The hard part was getting back to the unit. Me being the i dont give a fuck type person jumped the grass that divides the road and blocked traffic so the 30-35 hmmwv(military hummers)convoy can cross the road. My 1sgt loved that one but hell i got the convoy home in record time for that time of day. I only caused a 2 mile backup near the air port. Now ill tell what i did friday. Well at 0300(3am) i get the call
CALLER "PV2 Kolatski"
ME(still sleeping) "yeah"
CALLER (firm voice "Dont you YEAH you know who this is"
ME(little me awake) "i have no idea. all i know is its early"
CALLER (kinda pissed now) "well its sargent koz"
ME (shocked) [under my breath]"oh shit" (in to fone) "yes sgt koz"
SGT KOZ (laughing) "now that ur awake you can drive down to the unit again. We get to go to the bridge today."
ME "sgt no disrespect but are u jokeing with me"(sgt koz is a very jokeing person)
SGT KOZ "nope im not jokeing we get to go to the bridge to canada"
ME " yes SGT im on my way"

well i arived at the unit around 0700(7am) and waited till about 1500(3pm) just to be told that we could go home. Thats what i got to all week.
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