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well im back. 8 weeks away from ur family makes u see how much they realy do mean to you. Ill be home till 2Jan05. I have to report back to the base by 2359(1159pm) 3Jan05. They I stay there to finsh my training as a Military Police MP. I grad 11march05 as a United States Army MP from Fort Leonardwood Missiour. Basic Traning was not that hard. The hardest part was the first 2-3 weeks. Thats when the DRILL SARGETS(DS) where yelling at us the most. My company started out with 210 tranines but we are down to 192 as of 17dec05. On 10dec04 we hade two(2) female trainies go absent with out leave AWOL. They where found by the company 1sgt at a hotel about 15 miles from the base. When they were found they had gone to a WAL-MART about a mile from there room a bought $30 worth of candy. Well i have to go but i will write more later

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Nice to hear from you, keep it up, glad to see your doing allright
thanx for the support
A few people did that when I attended Basic training in 2000. It's sad they couldn't hang with the rest of the company.
what did they do go AWOL. I just though it was funny that they did not try to get as far from the base as they could
I went to Basic at Ft. Benning. These two guys went AWOL and got a hotel in Columbus right by the mall. These people weren't very smart.
NO they are not i mean why not just tell them where u are going to be. At least in Benning u are in the city they(DS) have to check more they 4 hotel like at lost in the woods
I know you won’t get this until March, but I just thought it was neat that I found this. My fiancé is in the same place as you, doing the same thing as you, except he is in E-787-1. Have fun down there, and although I won’t know who you are...I may see you down there in March.
Hi I was engaged to a guy at ft lost in wood as they call it anyways I know the place pretty well...The wal mart is like the biggest in the state and they have a great place called SONIC that people who live in MI like me don't have...well good luck and add me as a friend if u wish
thanx but im back now. the walmart was big i heard. if feels good to be home till i leave for iraq
when do u leave for iraq? what is your home state? how old r u ?
u got msn aim or yahoo let me know which one

aim same as here tatertot0330