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Hello, im new in this community. I am interested in the army well a lot. my brother has been in operation iraqi freedom since the begining and my grandfather was in between nam and korea. I would like to know if anyone knows wehre i can find a listing of military terms and things like that.I am 14 years old. i shoot smallbore rifle in the national matches at camp perry, ohio every year for ney york state. i had a chance to meet alot of the army marksmanship team and it was fun. i like the army and the people in it.
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  • 4 comments that web site has a list of all the Military Abbreviations, Acronyms and Terms. I use that all the time when I dont know one. I still have not yet to find a military term that is not on that web site. Hope I helped.

thank you it helped very much
glad i could help u out
You can look at something called an AKO account, Army knowledge online, most everyone in active duty has one. you have to meet up with someone with an account, all the information, about everything is in the ako. or you can go to an army military clothing store, always with someone in the military (you usually cannot buy things without a military id) and get a smart book, and some general books about the army oooorrr... you can visit your local recruiting office.