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Army National Guard Spc. Craig Frank’s tour of duty in Iraq was to officially end in less than a month. Instead, the Lincoln Park native was killed Saturday during an ambush.

Frank, a 24-year-old military police officer, was hit in the back by a rocket-propelled grenade Saturday while riding in a Humvee in Beiji, a city of 60,000 people about 145 miles north of Baghdad, Iraq.

“He never had a chance,” said his mother, Linda Frank, on Sunday.

Frank’s father, Timothy Frank, declined comment.

The attack came as Frank and his fellow soldiers were guarding a convoy. A second soldier was injured in the ambush.

Friends said Frank had only been back in Iraq a few weeks. He was granted leave by the military from June 10 to July 3 so he could be present for his father’s open-heart surgery, which was successful. They also said that his tour of duty in Iraq had been extended in the war zone.

Frank joined the Michigan Army National Guard’s 1776th Military Police Company Taylor in in 2001. He was sent to Iraq with a different unit: the 1775th Company of Pontiac.

He was enrolled in Eastern Michigan University prior to being called to serve in Iraq.

Frank is the 27th soldier with ties to Michigan to die in Iraq since the war began in March 2003.

The last Michigan soldier killed in Iraq was Army Sgt. Aaron Elandt, 23, of Port Hope. He was killed May 30, when the Humvee he was in struck a land mine while responding to a mortar attack.

Elandt was a cavalry scout with the first armored division and had been in Iraq for about 14 months.

That makes me SICK because all I hear from people is that the GUARD is not part of the army, we are weekend warriors. Well I agree we are only drill on the weekends,but we are still soldiers. Next time you hear some one call a NATIONAL GUARD member a weekend warrior think of Army National Guard Spc. Craig Frank. He died like any other soldier but was called an weekend warrior. HE died like every other soldier with PRIDE. Knowing what he was doing was to keep his beloved country safe.

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